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Relay Types

Towing or Caravan Relays can be separated into four main product types according to their function.
Bypass Relays
Bypass relays are used where the cars own lamp circuits cannot support their shadow circuits on the trailer or caravan. This may be because the circuit may not be rated to take the extra load of the trailer, or because the cars own bulb failure monitoring system might become confused with the extra load from the trailer lamps. In their simplest form, bypass relays operate by taking a signal current from the car’s lamp circuit, which then switches a relay and with it current to the equivalent circuit on the trailer from a supply derived directly from the car’s battery.

A full range of bypass relays are available from Towing Electrics Ltd catering to the sophistication of the car and the number of circuits that require switching, and all are in the smallest and neatest packages available. These can switch from just one circuit (TEB1) through to seven circuits (TEB7A) i.e. all the standard trailer lamps plus a reversing lamp.

The outputs are arranged sequentially from outputs 1 through and up to 7 for easy and logical fitting according to the 12N format.

The larger 6 or 7 way relays are available with or without an internal buzzer. A two-way device is similarly arranged as a flasher booster (TEB2MA)

Finally a top-of-the-range 7 way universal relay TEB7AS is designed to cope with all the vagaries of modern multiplexed cars which often use modulated outputs to the cars’ road lamps. These modulated or chopped outputs often cause chattering problems when using conventional relays and electronic modifications are used to allow the relays to cope with these modulated signals. Towing Electrics’ relays achieve this using conventional well proven electronic techniques, and do not have to resort to using microprocessors with their inherent software glitches. Even without the use of microprocessors the relay TEB7AS is capable of moving signals around in order to switch the outputs to the correct circuit on the towed vehicle.


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